Where to Buy Coconut Flour

Considering how health coconut flour is compared to regular flour, it isn’t surprising that more and more people are adding it to their recipes. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or capacity to create their own supply of coconut flour. The good news is that there are currently numerous brands today that sell ready-made coconut flour for those who want to use the item in their baking.

First off however, what exactly is the reason why coconut flour is so popular? What most people don’t realize is that coconut flour is gluten free. It’s perfect for individuals who have sensitive digestive systems and cannot tolerate gluten in their stomach. At the same time, the product is an excellent source of fiber while carrying fewer carbohydrates. This means that if you are on a diet, eating coconut flour based foods wouldn’t make you feel too guilty about the lapse.

Aside from the significantly fewer amounts of carbohydrates, the product also carries a taste unique to itself. In fact, coconut flour recipes do not demand as many sugar in them since the material already has a tinge of sweetness. Depending on how they are made, you might also find coconut flour and excellent ingredient for smooth-textured cakes that practically melts in your mouth.

Buying Coconut Flour
As of now, there are dozens of coconut flour brands in the market. Although it is healthier for you to make your own coconut flour, that doesn’t mean that the packaged items are any less healthy.

Some of the most popular brands include Bob’s Red Mill and Coconut Secret. These products are getting the highest feedback from most buyers nowadays and have been ranked with 4 stars out of 5. Others that seem to be remarkably in demand include Let’s Do Organic and Gluten-Free Mama brands that come in different sizes depending on your needs. These items can either be bought through your favorite store or through the internet.

Regardless of what you intend to purchase, buying coconut flour is always a good idea. This would allow you to live a healthier lifestyle and introduce something new to the family. Keep in mind though that fresher coconut flour usually provide better tastes for any cooking need.

2 Responses to Where to Buy Coconut Flour

  • sophya ganoo says:

    Hello pls do give somme adresses where to buy coconut flour. Thanks.

  • Kit Janus says:

    After some research I used coconut sugar for all added sugar, though my daily intake is low- a couple tables in my once daily cup of coffee. Then I added unrefined coconut oil to replace butter on my toast and added oil to curries, etc. My A1C went from a stable 6.0 to the very bottom of the normal range (has been there for three years) and my triglycerides (that had been way too high) dropped to the bottom of the scale too. I don’t have a terrible diet, not much meat, sweets, or bread (exclusively sprouted bread) and those were the only things I changed. The improvement to A1C, triglycerides, and cholesterol profile (it’s perfect) was realized during the six-month interval between scheduled labs.

    Gluten-free diets have had a minor appeal to me but the trade off is higher glycemic, carbohydrate dense, and low fiber alternatives. I have taken steroids for RA since 1997 and will continue on these forever. That’s where my diabetes risk comes from and (according to my Dr.s) also the previously bad cholesterol profile.

    Enter coconut flour! It does so many things so well. It’s loaded with soluable fiber which isn’t super easy to get from many other foods that I can eat. It makes the best addition to curries, sauces, and it’s a super sandwich spread ingredient. I add a liitle ginger, black pepper, to a couple tablespoons of jam, 1/2 a tablespoon coconut flour, give it 10 minutes and it makes a great tasting sandwich spread with a really good nutrient profile. I make a version of ‘nutella’ with powdered hazelnuts, coco powder, coconut flour, and coconut sugar.

    If I have coconut flour and little else in the house I can cup up with a satisfying variety of things to eat. What’s not to love?!

    Thanks for the work you put into this website.

    Oh! I like and use ‘Coconut Secret’ coconut flour. It’s consistent, and seems closest to homemade. I’ve tried many brands and this one is the only one that doesn’t appear to be bleached or whitened.

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