Coconut Flour Strawberry Shortcake

An excellent approach to food, this recipe not only provides you with a delicious snack but also an eye appealing treat. Although you can cook it for your own pleasure, this recipe makes for an excellent treat during parties since you can garnish it to add to its appeal. Although containing sugar, the recipe uses coconut flour in its ingredients, providing you with a healthy and incredibly tasty cake.


–          2 cups organic whole wheat flour

–          ½ cup coconut flour

–          ½ cup shredded coconut

–          2 tablespoons baking powder

–          1 tablespoon organic whole sugar

–          1 cup milk

–          1 teaspoon salt

–          1 egg

–          ½ cup coconut oil


–          Fresh strawberries or any favored fruit

–          1 teaspoon vanilla extract

–          Organic whole sugar

–          1 cup heavy cream

Start mixing the dry ingredients together except for the indicated toppings. Set this aside for some time while paying attention to the non-dry materials. Combine the two together and start mixing them until the dough is finely textured. Don’t overdo it though. You want the ingredients to mix together smoothly but not too much that it would ruin the texture of the food when done.

Flatten the dough, preferably with around 2 inches of thickness before cutting them up. The cooking time should take about 10 to 12 minutes with the oven set at 450 degrees. Once cooked, you can take them out and allow them to cool before whipping out the cream and fruits as toppings. You can adjust the use of cream and vanilla depending on how sweet you want it.


4 Responses to Coconut Flour Strawberry Shortcake

  • John says:

    2 tablespoons baking powder?? Surely should read “2 teaspoons”!
    Also, a mere 1 Tblspn sugar is way too little for most palates, I’d use 6 – 8 Tblspn sweetening.

    • alison tarvey says:

      6 to 8 tablespoons of sugar?? Sugar is the most harmful substance , more harmful than fat and wheat, although artificial sweeteners shouldn’t be an option. I can’t believe anyone would use that much sugar!

  • Darlene says:

    I’m confused by the bickering over sugar when the real issue is the recipe itself. What am I missing? What type of pan do you use? Cake pan? Muffin pan? Cookie sheet? The recipe talks about cutting the dough before you even bake it. What does that mean? Do you grease whatever pan you need to use? Seriously, how did anyone use the recipe? The picture could not possibly be a picture of the actual results of this recipe. That’s something I’m running across a lot with gluten free recipes or those using coconut flour. You want strawberry shortcake and they give you a picture of the traditional dessert and that is not what you end up with…AT ALL!

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